Terms and Conditions

Ocean Optics, under the Blue Ocean Grants and Challenges Program and its Grant Recipients (Grantee) agree to certain legally enforceable terms and conditions. “Grantee” refers to both the eligible institution and their authorized agents. The following are thereby incorporated as part of this binding agreement:

1)    Applicant restrictions
Anyone or teams of people from all countries whether at a university, corporation, or as an individual may apply as long as they are not related to an Ocean Optics Inc. or Halma PLC employee.  This includes applications from individuals and teams at both private and public organizations.

2)    Multiple proposals
Applicants can submit multiple applications, however, only one proposal will be awarded per applicant/team.   Applications from different individuals at the same institution/business are allowed and encouraged.

3)    Submitted intellectual property
Ocean Optics respects the intellectual property of others and has in place policies and procedures to restrict public dissemination of third party proprietary materials when appropriate, but for this program we do not want any proprietary information submitted in the application process.  Grantee agrees to not submit any confidential or proprietary data that you would not disclose at a scientific conference or tradeshow.

If approved for funding, the entire or part of the grant application and subsequent results from the grant may be posted onto the Ocean Optics and Blue Ocean Grants websites at Ocean Optics sole discretion.

4)   Intellectual property rights/ownership
The investigators and/or their institution will retain all rights to any technologies they invent under the Phase I grants.

If there is a mutual interest in having Ocean Optics commercialize the technology being developed under a Phase II grant award, a suitable license agreement giving Ocean Optics at least a non-exclusive right to use the technology developed will be executed.

5)  Reporting requirements
A brief final scientific progress report must be prepared by the grantee to be paid. This report is due no later than six (6) months from the date of grant award offer. This report will be used as part of the Phase II grant selection process.

6)  Funding restrictions
The only restriction is that the grantee will not be permitted to make subgrants, we expect that the awardee will be doing the work.  However, all grantees will be permitted to contract out for services needed to fulfill the scope of work described in the grant.

7) Payment
This grant has a fixed payment schedule and payments are contingent on Grantee compliance with these Terms and Conditions and all other grant requirements. Total payments to the Grantee will be in the amount in the grant proposal but shall not exceed $10,000 for Phase I projects or $100,00 for Phase II projects.

8) Project Adjustments
Any type of project adjustment from that which was proposed in the Grantee’s application, including changes in the designs; aims or research plans, must be submitted in writing and is subject to the prior approval of Ocean Optics prior to the change taking place.

9) Assignments and Subgrants
The Grantee shall neither assign the responsibility of this grant to another party nor subcontract for any of the work contemplated under this grant without the prior written approval of Ocean Optics. The Grantee shall be responsible for all work performed and all expenses incurred for this grant.

Ocean Optics prefers not to pay F&A costs and requests that grant funds provided go entirely to the direct costs of a project.  In evaluating applications, Ocean Optics Inc. will give preference to projects that do not request/require F&A costs.  When an applicant has no alternative and the application content is deemed of significant interest to Ocean Optics we will allow no more than 10% of the total amount of the grant to go to F&A costs.

10) Indemnification
Nothing in this grant agreement is intended to serve as a waiver of sovereign immunity, nor shall anything in this grant agreement be construed as consent by Ocean Optics to be sued by third parties in any matter arising out of this grant agreement.

11) Other Rules

  • No purchase is necessary to submit an application or receive a grant.
  • Ocean Optics is not responsible for any federal, state or local taxes or tax-reporting obligations that arise in connection with any grant.
  • By submitting a grant application, the person submitting the application agrees that Ocean Optics may contact him or her via email or snail mail about the grant and our products and services.

12) Agreement

I have read the above Terms and Conditions and understand each section.

The parties hereto have caused these Terms and Conditions to be executed by their undersigned officials as duly authorized